Spring/Summer 2023:

We hope to breed out beautiful Jessy and look forward to late summer puppies. Applications are now open for this litter. 

Guardian Homes

From time to time we have an adult breeding female or stud dog that we want to keep in our breeding program, but would be willing to place in the right home under the right circumstances. If you are interested in an adult this may be a possibility for you! Fill out the application form (link above) and indicate in your application that you’re interested in being a guardian home!

Show Dogs

Every time we make a breeding decision we are hoping for the next great show dog. Sometimes in litters we get multiple show prospects, and would consider taking on a co-owner. Each co-ownership situation is unique but generally our co-owned dogs are registered on non-breeding agreements until we mutually agree to move forward with breeding at which time Comar will waive the non-breeding agreement with the Canadian Kennel Club. This is a fantastic opportunity to dip your foot into the world of showing dogs — come join us as we travel around Ontario with a van full of whippets!

Breeding Animals

Note that at this time every puppy leaves Comar on a CKC Non-Breeding Agreement. As a general rule we do not sell or lease the reproductive rights of our puppies — some exceptions may apply and we encourage you to reach out to us through the Contact Us form on our website!